Where Donations Go

ACT Foundation Donations Support Education and Select Charities

The ACT Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations fund the ACT Foundation's scholarships, third-party management of its scholarship programs, and individual charities. Donations may also go toward marketing the Foundation’s scholarship programs to students.

ACT Foundation operations are supported by volunteer work from employees of Account Control Technology Holdings companies. The Foundation itself has no paid employees nor does it have separate headquarters and associated expenses. To date, scholarship management services and most supplies, postage and miscellaneous expenses have been paid for by ACT. The volunteer nature of the Foundation and its operations ensure that most all donated funds will reach the people who can benefit the most from them.

For information on how ACT Foundation funds are distributed, please review the following:

Annual Report 2015: ACT Foundation Awards More Than $92,000
Annual Report 2014: ACT Foundation Awards Nearly $72,400
Annual Report 2013: ACT Foundation Provides More Than $71,000

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Did You Know?

The volunteer nature of the Foundation and generous corporate sponsorship mean nearly 100% of individual donations reach their target audience.

Our Impact

"Thank you again for your generosity and support. In the near future, I hope to give back and help students the same way you have helped me."

– Alexandra Hudak, ACT Foundation Scholarship Recipient