Promote Programs

The ACT Foundation encourages you to get involved in our activities. We keep a tight budget in order to ensure the highest percentage of donations reach their intended audience, so we value your help!

Promote Our Scholarship Programs

To help promote ACT scholarship programs:

  1. Tell qualified students about our programs.
  2. Link to our Foundation Programs page (or to specific application materials) from you school intranet, or, if you are a scholarship provider, link to our programs from your site.
  3. Forward our email blasts to appropriate parties.
  4. Like us on Facebook.

Promote Financial Wellness

The ACT Foundation is currently running a campaign featuring the "Debt Monster" to remind people of the dangers of monstrous or unpaid debt. To promote the program:

  1. Learn more about the campaign
  2. View our poster (small version) and request a full-sized poster by emailing
  3. Place the poster in view of students at your college/university
  4. View and like our Debt Monster Video on YouTube:
  5. Share the link to the video with colleagues, friends, students, etc.
  6. Stay tuned for more campaign components
Did You Know?

To limit marketing costs and award more scholarships, the ACT Foundation relies heavily on schools, businesses and individuals to promote our programs.

Our Impact

"The ACT Foundation scholarship will definitely help start me on the right path as I begin my four-year journey."

– Hanna Carson, ACT Foundation Scholarship Recipient