Debt Monster Campaign

ACT Foundation Debt Monster Campaign Encourages Financial Wellness

The ACT Foundation Debt Monster campaign seeks to remind people of the dangers of monstrous or unpaid debt and the impact it can have on one’s financial future. Following are links and descriptions for several elements of the campaign.

The Debt Monster 2017 Financial Wellness Calendars Are Here!


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Watch the “Beware the Debt Monster” Movie

See how a consumer becomes overshadowed by, but finally defeats, the Debt Monster.

See the Debt Monster Poster

DebtMonsterPosterIn late 2014, "Beware the Debt Monster" posters were mailed to hundreds of colleges and universities to be posted in view of students. You can see a small version of the poster here.

If you represent a college and would like a poster to put up in your office, please send a request to

Print “No Debt Monsters” Stickers

DebtMonsterStickerThese stickers can be a great way to recognize students who have completed a financial literacy course, attended a financial wellness session, or who have gone through student loan entrance or exit counseling. Download the stickersand print them yourself using Avery label 5293 (1 2/3”). If you have a few weeks before you need the stickers, request that we send some to you by emailing

Badge Finalist
The ACT Foundation’s Debt Monster campaign was honored as a finalist in the 2015 MarketingProfs Bright Bulb Awards.

Did You Know?

A recent study found that the average American is more than $53,850 in debt (from loans, mortgages and credit cards), and 35% of Americans have debt in collections.

– USA Today, July '14.

Our Impact

"My financial burden has lightened, and now I can focus on learning. Your generosity has inspired me to give back to my community."

– Araceli Hernandez, ACT Foundation Scholarship Recipient